The Urgent Care College of Physicians
UCCOP™ has been founded with the support of the Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA), and from a physician base within it, to provide a focused physician voice on matters that affect the specialty.

UCAOA was founded in 2004 by urgent care physicians with a sincere and fervent desire to establish a democratic organization which could support, promote, and advance the specialty. Under UCAOA, physician leadership established the Journal of Urgent Care Medicine, created the first and subsequent Fellowship Programs in urgent care medicine, and organized and coordinated the clinical content at conferences. These efforts are continued through UCCOP™, with a specific emphasis on physicians and the clinical practice of urgent care medicine

UCCOP difference
How is UCCOP different than the various other groups relating to urgent care medicine?
Because UCCOP™ was developed in cooperation with UCAOA, UCCOP™ leadership brought with it the knowledge, management principles, and organizational philosophies that have allowed UCAOA to become the fastest growing organization in the specialty. This growth continues as UCCOP™ builds on this successful foundation. UCCOP™, with UCAOA, will continue to offer two clinical conferences per year. UCCOP™, with UCAOA, is the only organization in the specialty to support a journal dedicated entirely to Urgent Care Medicine. Download a copy of our “Answers to FAQs” to learn more about what distinguishes UCCOP.

Why is this new group forming and why now?
The formation of a physician college with UCAOA's support will allow leadership and members to advance the specialty further by focusing physician representation and efforts in the areas of academics, research, continuing education, and advocacy. Because urgent care medicine in the United States includes many physicians who manage their own clinics as well as care for patients, UCAOA's efforts have included business management support and services as well as clinical education and advancement. Now, a sharper distinction between clinical and trade foci will permit concentrated allocation of resources on pursuits important to the clinical practice of urgent care.

Physicians will now have an organization in which they have a clear identity. Ultimately, recognition of urgent care medicine as a specialty by ACGME will require valid training programs and a physician organization for representation. This has been a crucial step in the development of all existing, recognized specialties. The time has come for urgent care medicine.

Will UCCOP™ be offering board certification or fellowship status?
Being a professional society, UCCOP™ does not offer board certification in Urgent Care Medicine and has no plans to do so. UCCOP™ does support the principle that practicing physicians maintain their certifications in specialty boards for which they are eligible based on their training and experience and which are relevant to the practice of urgent care medicine.

There will be an opportunity to apply for fellowship status in UCCOP™ once a physician has been a member for at least a year and satisfies other eligibility criteria which reflect distinguished service and practice.
Criteria have been approved and will be announced before our Spring Convention, April 30-May 3, 2017 in National Harbor.

Spring Conference

Momentum 2017

Attend the Spring conference in National Harbor, MD. April 30-May 3, 2017. Click here to learn more.

Future Conferences

October 31, 2017 Aneheim, CA

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Guidelines Available

Urgent Care Focused Guideline Reviews now available here! Reviews of pediatric pneumonia and uti guidelines with an urgent care focus are done. Each review includes a list of pearls for urgent care providers and links to the original guideline. Many more are to come.

Join a Committee

The Clinical Guideline Committee is looking for interested members to help review published guidelines and determine applicability to urgent care.

The CME Committee is forming to peer review previous clinical presentations from UCAOA conferences.

If you are interested or wish to learn more contact our Director of Clinical Programs.

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